Research Articles, Reviews & Book Chapters


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  5. 2015

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  7. 2014

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  10. 2013

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  14. 2012

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  20. 2011

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  23. 2010

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  27. 2008

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  29. 2007

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  37. 2006

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  43. 2005

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  46. 2004

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Books & Edited Volumes

  1. Methods in Enzymology special issue on Riboswitches: Discovery, Structure and Function, Donald H Burke, Editor (in preparation for 2014).
  2. Methods in Enzymology special issue on Riboswitches: Antibiotic Targets and Tools for Synthetic Biology, Donald H Burke, Editor (in preparation for 2014).
  3. Methods in Enzymology special issue on Computational Methods for Riboswitches, Shi-Jie Chen & Donald H Burke, Editors (in preparation for 2015).